Our Specialties

Infused with the ethos that quality care is predicated on a stellar team of professionals, Preferred Care has a remarkable staff of doctors, nurses, and therapists, whose expertise is only surpassed by their genuine warmth and dedication towards every patient.

Upon admission, every individual undergoes a comprehensive evaluation to best personalize a unique recovery plan. Our multidisciplinary approach is a well-concerted team effort involving “best in the field” physicians, nurses and therapists dedicated to accelerating your recovery – and the return to the everyday routines you cherish!


We understand that independent movement is essential to quality of life.

And orthopedic rehabilitation is pivotal to regaining full range of movement.

Whether recuperating from an injury, hip or knee replacement, or trauma, the focus of our rehabilitation team is to help you gain back mobility, reclaim your independence –and get you swiftly back home.

With leading specialists in the field and our crackerjack team of nurses and therapists we ensure the best outcomes for your recovery.


We understand that Pulmonary Rehabilitation is achieved one breath at a time.

Our Pulmonary Care Program alleviates our patients’ symptoms and aims to attain recovery using the latest in pulmonary rehabilitation techniques.

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program empowers our residents with chronic lung diseases like COPD, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis with the capacity for optimized breathing capability and greater quality of life.


We know that when it comes to the heart, it is wise to be in good hands.

Under the supervision of our resident cardiologist, our specialized nurses ensure that you are in the best hands.

When recovering from a cardiac event like a heart attack, bypass surgery, valve replacement/repair surgery, stent placement, as well as other heart and circulation problems.

Our all-encompassing approach to cardiovascular care, includes telemetry-monitored exercises, heart-healthy nutrition, and lifestyle counseling, focused on helping you attain a complete recovery and maintaining optimum heart health.


Our Wound care program hastens the healing process of chronic wounds.

Our multi-pronged approach incorporates the latest protocols and technology to facilitate tissue growth, IV antibiotics, specialized air mattresses, electric stimulation, and infection control techniques.

Whether suffering from surgical wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, burns, pressure sores, hard-to-heal wounds, our wound care specialists deliver all-encompassing treatments that stimulate tissue growth and restore you to wellbeing.